| Gain freedom with skills and confidence

The world is heavy. You want to gain skills and prepare for whatever comes your way, but you feel lost.

     You feel limited, living in the city, working a job, where are you going to find the time?
     You've found information to help you gain skills, but where to start is an overwhelming prospect.
     Money is limited and you don't know where the best use of those resources will be spent.
     It feels isolating, you don't have friends or family to rally around you and make it feel worthwhile.
     You've been told that this way of life will require you to give up your freedom to do what you want.

It doesn't have to be limiting, overwhelming, isolating, or full of sacrifice.

Let this be a place where we can rally around eachother, fellowship, learn skills, and gain true freedom and fulfillment.

     Freedom to feed your family nutrient dense food that you feel confident in feeding them.
     Fulfillment working with the land, living a slower, more traditional lifestyle.
     Community from other like-minded folks on the same journey as you.
Knowledge to be prepared, weather the storm, and provide.

Tired of being sick and tired

Over ten years ago, I was a new mother, married, working... living the American dream... but felt pulled to a different way of life. I started questioning our modern way of life, the food we were eating, our call to consume by mega corporations, and the lack of knowledge I had to care for my family. So, we answered the call and started turning to a more traditional, slower, way of living.

Longing for community, I created Rekindle Your Roots

This lifestyle can be isolating and overwhelming. I felt alone outside of my family unit trying to search for others on this same, crazy, but fulfilling journey.
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What is Rekindle Your Roots?

Rekindle Your Roots is a monthly subscription for folks interested in gaining skills and independence from our broken, modern world. A place to create community and fellowship.

What You'll Find Inside

  • Create your homestead, anywhere

    Even in an apartment or on a city lot, you can create a more community-sufficient lifestyle and homestead on your own terms.

  • Grow your own food

    Create a plan and work with what you have to grow your own food. Every little bit helps reduce your dependency on the store.

  • Make your own

    Learn how to replace common grocery store items with healthier, from-scratch options without spending your day in the kitchen.

Rekindle Your Roots Monthly Membership

Gain independence and skills without the fluff, no matter where you live.

*Exclusive content, recipes, and videos for each monthly focused topic

*Access to all previous content

*Exclusive community, not on facebook

*Monthly zoom class  on monthly focus topic and q&a session

*Printable bundles with exclusive recipes, checklists, and guides to keep your home and homestead organized and prepared.

But what am I learning in this in this membership?

Learn how to water bath can high acid foods
How to pressure can meat and other low-acid foods


How to start seeds and maintain a garden

How to raise chicks and ducklings

Make toxin-free home cleaning products

How to make soap 


Butchering chickens

Raising meat rabbits

Making jams and jellies

Making herbal salves, tinctures, and more